Life as an Irish SEO Consultant – Sarah Tarrant- Vroom Digital – February 2013


Last year I decided to change careers as I wanted to be involved full –time in Digital Marketing here in Ireland. It’s a tough decision to change careers and I’m confident it has been the right move for me.

I had been watching closely for years how Irish companies have changed tack with their online presence and I was keen to get involved and become part of the revolution!

In order to do this I returned to college to assist with pursuing a career in marketing. Upon completion of a Diploma in Digital Marketing in Dublin, I jumped at the opportunity to work with Vroom Digital, a Dublin based SEO / Digital Marketing Company. An opportunity I was delighted to be given as it enabled me to put what I had learnt into practice.

Like any new role it has been challenging to say the least! But I really enjoy my work here in Windsor Place. The phrase “everyday is a school day” seems very apt as the learning curve has been steep. I now know my domain authority from my meta tag and understand the importance of a H1 tag and a Google + page, Author rank and how social media can help a client break through onto page 1 of the SERP’s. And some more but I don’t want to bore you just yet!

Up to now I’ve been working closely with Dave (Dave Dungan) and his SEO team. He is particularly busy but very good at teaching (Thanks DD :) ), and I’m sure he will be honoured to be endorsed on our blog as being an SEO Evangelist by moi! He really does know his stuff.

I commenced work in the first week of January and to date have learnt how to add value within the Search Engine Optimisation team. We help sites get more converting traffic by optimising their online presence in order to capture more leads and sales from their website.

Now that I have been here almost 2 months, I can see the fruits of my work in our client’s rankings. I create content for our growing client base daily and this in turn helps their rankings as we produce content that is real and not just written for approval by search engines.

We write for people to please people. I have learnt how important natural link building is and how it has become the backbone of any campaign post the Penguin and Panda updates. To help achieve rankings in the future Vroom know this will still be a cornerstone and important element of any SEO campaign.

On page SEO and off page / link building need to work together in harmony and this is one of the most important aspects of any online campaign we create.

Each morning we have a team meeting around our Bon Espresso Coffees in order to ensure we are aware of our roles for the day and week ahead.

It’s amazing how much planning goes into one of our SEO campaigns. Keyword research, then mapping these keywords to relevant pages, improving Call To Action and link building and content creation from relevant websites etc etc.

The team at Vroom have shown me the importance of building strong relevant links in order to help our clients rank within the search engine’s. We predominantly target but have some clients who wish to rank further afield.

To date the most enjoyable part of my role as an SEO consultant for Vroom, is to see first-hand our client’s rankings improve within the search engines. It is very rewarding to see these results as it gives great job satisfaction to see the hard work paying off. It is great to be able to report back to clients on the success of each campaign. We tend to get referrals when a client receives more leads and enquiries and this is music to our ears :) !

I did find the coordination of each campaign at the start was mind boggling but the lads thankfully didn’t throw me in too deeply at first….Thanks guys!!!

I’ll add to this post in the coming weeks and months and keep you all up to speed of how I’m getting on.

  • Mark Scully

    Well done Sarah. Great knowledge in such a short period of time.

    • Sarah

      Mark, thanks for the comment and the vote of confidence, much appreciated. Just wondering what are your thoughts are on the Irish SEO Industry compared to that in the Global SEO marketplace?

  • Sarah Tarrant

    Mark, thanks for the comment and the vote of confidence, much
    appreciated. Just wondering what are your thoughts are on the Irish SEO
    Industry compared to that in the Global SEO marketplace?

    • Mark Scully

      Apologies Sarah – I just noticed your reply.
      I believe the Irish SEO Industry is lagging behind quite a bit compared to the experience I had when working in London.
      There is a lack of industry events, speakers or even meet-ups for those who wish to grow their knowledge.

      It would be great to see more regular events covering SEO, and the wider aspects of Inbound Marketing.

  • Abhay Singh

    Well done Sarah. Great knowledge,thank you for sharing nice ideas.